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The Franking machine and printer ink

A franking machine is a device used to produce proof of postage of a mail item. This machine prints indicia on your mail which serves as an alternative to the stamps for the proof of payment.

The franking machines have become smart, efficient and affordable machines that will save you money, reinforce your brand and speed up your mail handling procedures.

This machine can easily handle the management of mails operations of your company thanks to an intuitive ergonomics:

- These machines are equipped with a big color touch screen.

- All franking solutions offers better connectivity: high speed internet connection: Pc Meter Link and analogue dial-up modem.

This allows you to have, static, quick and easy download, tariff updates and diagnostic approaches that will help you to optimize your mail processing.

Moreover, this smart machine enables you to simplify and optimize your mail processing that you will only concentrate on your core business. It offers a range of immediate benefits:

Save money

- Pay less for stamps and postage stamp

- Access to a wide range of postal rates that will help you significantly to reduce your postage expenses.


No more need to go to the post office to deposit your outgoing mail.

Maintain your professional image

Enhance your company’s image by give your mails professional look by adding your logo, address….

Discover our range of printer ink cartridges

Are you looking for a compatible ink cartridge for your franking machine at the best price?

OKEGO offers you a wide range of compatible ink cartridges for your Neopost, Pitney Bowes, Francotyp Postalia and Frama franking machines.

Compatible printer ink cartridges for Neopost franking machine

Find our all our Neopost compatible ink cartridges which are guaranteed for two years and delivered within the 24 to 48 hours.

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Compatible printer ink cartridges for Pitney Bowes franking machine

You will find all Pitney Bowes compatibles ink cartridges at the best price.

Our experts specialized in the Pitney Bowes franking machine supplies are available to assist you at:

0207 092 6617 or at info@okego.co.uk

All our printer ink cartridges are in compliance with the requirements of the postal standards.

Our experts are pleased to answer your questions and to give you full details about each Pitney Bowes compatible printer ink cartridges

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Compatible printer ink cartridges for Francotyp Postalia franking machine

Simply add your ink cartridge to your shopping basket, and then confirm your order. You have to register in order to be able to validate the command. If you are already a customer, use your email address and password entered during the registration and buy your Francotyp Postalia printer ink cartridge.

OKEGO offers a large choice of Francotyp Postalia ink cartridges at attractive prices.

Compatible printer ink cartridges for frama franking machine

OKEGO offers many types of printer ink cartridge for your Frama franking machine.. Read more

Choose our printer ink cartridges, is to reduce your expenses while maintaining high quality prints.

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